Room Themes at Escape the Netherworld

Tiki Island: Attack of the Shark God!

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You are invited to a party at the beach house of an infamous archeologist and surfer on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Arriving just before dawn expecting a weekend of fun and exotic tiki drinks, you are plunged headlong into a raging battle between ancient Polynesian spirits! Can you restore the sacred artifact of Lono to its proper place, or will the shark god of Molokai drag you beneath the waves forever?MORE INFO

Heading out for a fun weekend camping trip your group becomes trapped in a remote cabin as the legendary monster tries to force its way inside! Something very strange has happened in the cabin that has the creature on a rampage. Can you solve the mysteries you find there in one hour before your electric fence runs out of power, or will the last thing you ever see be the mythical SASQUATCH? MORE INFO

In 1900s England you and a group of mysterious strangers have been summoned to a vampire’s lair by the infamous Van Helsing! The sun sets in one hour – can you find the creature’s hidden tomb before it awakes? This game features individual victory conditions in addition to group goals as each person plays a unique character important to the plot – defeating the NOSFERATU! MORE INFO


You must enter the strange lab of the late Dr. Thomas Grithem, and search through his bizarre artifacts and weird machines to find the device that holds the nightmarish Night Hag prisoner. You have one hour to send the foul thing back to the NETHERWORLD before it escapes from its containment leaving you HAUNTED for all time! MORE INFO