A Very Brief Origin of Our Escape Rooms

For those new to our organization, Escape the NETHERWORLD is a series of exciting and challenging adventure games brought to you by the team behind the Atlanta Halloween mainstay, Netherworld Haunted House.  Since 1997, Netherworld has been applauded by national and local media, as well as from a fan base that spans all 50 states and beyond. As illustrated by being named to a myriad of Top 10 Haunted House lists (including numerous stints in the #1 spot) by the likes of Yahoo, Buzzfeed, Fangoria, Dread Central, USA Today etc…we’ve always prided ourselves on producing high quality entertainment.  While at our previous location of 20+ years in Norcross, GA, we had only dipped our toe into the Escape Game realm with the offering of a small, but quite complex 3-Minute Escape Room called “The Mangler’s Fear Machine”…this was great fun but only made us thirsty for more! In late 2017 we moved into a new facility that allowed us the physical space needed to expand beyond seasonal haunted house offerings and thus we ventured full-speed into Escape Games, and later, into the wild world of Laser Tag.

No strangers to creating immersive storylines, elaborate set design and exemplary customer experiences, we dove into the crowded Atlanta Escape Game market with zeal.  And although a relative newcomer to the still fledgling escape game industry here in the U.S., our games were quick to garner both critical and popular acclaim.  An important thing to note though, is that our escape rooms are not scary like their namesake haunted house.  Despite this fact, they still possess the same adrenaline inducing fun quotient and attention to detail that Atlanta has come to love and expect from the Netherworld name.  So if you’re concerned that these escape games will be too scary, please know that although they all have really creepy fun themes, they are not Haunted Houses.  There are of course incredible props to look at and engage with…and an obligatory startle here and there, but by no means should you enter these escape rooms thinking “haunted house”.  In reference to the aforementioned startles, if you’re the real nervous type, just let your friendly gamemaster know and they’ll be happy tame it all the way down for you…conversely if you have no reservations about getting startled, let us know that too!

Like most escape rooms in the greater Atlanta area and beyond, you and your team will have one hour to explore mysterious rooms, solve clever puzzles and beat the game before your time runs out…but unlike any other escape room in America…these escape rooms are distinctly “NETHERWORLD”.

We hope you’ll consider visiting, we really are just a short hop outside the perimeter (you know, OTP, please don’t hold that against us Atlanta peeps)…finding a building this big on 10 acres Inside the Perimeter proved to be a puzzle that even the best escape game enthusiast couldn’t solve.

We’re conveniently located just a short drive from Atlanta, just up HWY 78 off Exit 9 at 1313 Netherworld Way.

Check out the map above for easy directions.

So if you’re looking for a unique and challenging Escape Room experience in the Atlanta area, please do join us for an exhilarating time at Escape the Netherworld.

We currently have 4 Escape Room offerings:  SASQUATCH, HAUNTED, TIKI ISLAND and NOSFERATU with a 5th coming by the Fall…and boy this one is gonna be a doozy!

– Stay Tuned For More Details –


Mystery & Intrigue Await at Escape Nosferatu! Open Every Wednesday thru Sunday.

  • Posted by Billy Messina in Uncategorized on February 23rd, 2021
Escape The Netherworld - Nosferatu

Bring Your Social Bubble, this one’s kinda challenging and has a unique style of game play.  Though you may have done a search for Escape Room Near Me, if you’re an escape game enthusiast, you might want to check this one out even if you live well beyond the borders of greater Atlanta.

Did you know that in the Original Vampire Movie, F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu (1922), Count Orlok never turns into a bat?  And speaking of bats, did you know that a group of bats is called a cauldron?  And lastly, if you’re wondering, no…there are no bats in our Nosferatu Escape Room.

Escape This Valentine’s Weekend & Get Free Stuff! Bring Your Bubble…It’s Not Just For Couples.

Looking For Some Safe and Exciting Valentine’s Fun? Bring your Boo and your Bubble to Escape The Netherworld between Friday, February 12 and Sunday, February 14th and get FREE STUFF…the more who play in your game, the more free stuff you’ll get!

NO DISCOUNT CODE REQUIRED. Everyone who plays one of our Escape Rooms during this promotional period wins!

Here’s what you’ll get:

– If there are 4 Players in Your Game, You’ll Each Get Free Entry into our House of Creeps Monster Museum (a $20 cumulative value)

– If there are 6 Players in Your Game, You’ll Each Get Free Entry Into Our House of Creeps Monster Museum AND a Free Printed Souvenir Photo (a $90 cumulative value)

– If there are 8 Players in Your Game, You’ll Each Get Free Entry Into Our House of Creeps Monster Museum AND a Free Printed Souvenir Photo AND Free Add-On Gameplay at Netherworld Laser Adventure (a $200 cumulative value)

Remember, It’s Not Just For Couples, No Cheesy Fake Roses Here. The more who play in your game, the more free stuff you’ll get…so gather your trusted social bubble and join us this Valentine’s Weekend for an experience you won’t soon forget!

Now Booking Adventures Every Wednesday thru Sunday! Covid Safety Measures in Effect.

Ready for a little Excitement? We’ve got you covered! As does Netherworld Laser Adventure.
Our Highly Immersive Game Environments & Friendly Staff are here to help get you out of whatever Covid induced winter funk you might be in. Deep Cleaning, Private Gameplay Only (that means just you and your chosen social bubble will be playing, no strangers in your game) and other safety measures are in place to allow you to get out and play with confidence.
Bookings are Available Wednesdays thru Sundays, so grab your pod and join us for some fun!